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Top Ten Books on my Summer To-Be-Read

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! It’s been a while since I participated in the fun meme, so I decided today’s sounded easy and we’d go for it.

Like always, I have plenty of novels on my to-be-read tower of novels. It’s kind of like Jenga; you stack them up, pull one out and hope nothing tumbles. Below are the books that are either on that towering stack or are either on their way (hurry up, USPS!) and/or I’m anxiously awaiting opening my email and seeing a tour invitation. Continue reading “Top Ten Books on my Summer To-Be-Read”

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Top Ten Characters Who…

The Broke and the Bookish ladies chose a really fun topic this week for the Top Ten Tuesday meme. Only trouble was, how could I pick just one favorite reaction to characters? I mean, really how often does this chance to gush over favorite, loathsome, bookish or BFF characters come along? I’d argue not often. Here we go. Continue reading “Top Ten Characters Who…”

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Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR

c9c25-tttmemelogoWhen I first saw this Top Ten Tuesday topic, basically I figured it’d not be one I’d participate in since I’d be too busy reading INSPY books and really wouldn’t have a stack of “other” books to read. Wrong. Needless to say, I’ve joined new street teams, requested books for Fiction Addict and even threw a book on the list that will be one of those “first day” purchases. Continue reading “Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR”

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Top Ten (Or Seven) Tuesday: Things on my Reading Wishlist

TTT_Logo-001Morning, lovelies. Today we are welcoming another week, another Tuesday and another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. Oh, my! This week’s topic isn’t about books that have me in a tizzy of anticipation or a themed topic in that regard and is instead asking what we’d like to see more of from authors. Although in my case, I’m being extra nit-picky and requesting things of authors I’d like to see less of… not sure how well that translates to this topic, but there you have it. Continue reading “Top Ten (Or Seven) Tuesday: Things on my Reading Wishlist”

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Top Ten Tuesday: Debut Authors of 2014

It’s Tuesday again which means I’m jumping back on the Top Ten Tuesday meme train and this is the first I’ve participated in of the new year. The topic today is:

Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Excited For

I’m kind of breaking the “rules” for this topic today since news about debut authors isn’t readily available this early in the year. Instead of “just debuts” as the topic calls for, you’ll find a mix-up of various different authors below. Some will be debuts I’m curious about, others won’t be debut authors but they’re names I haven’t read yet and their upcoming 2014 release has me excited which means hopefully 2014 will be the year I’ll actually read one of their novels. Here are those 2014 titles. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Debut Authors of 2014”
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INSPYs 2013

INSPYs 2013

Hey, all! In the last two months, I have been reading like crazy; the kind of reading that I quite literally felt like I was going to drown in. Here’s why. First reason being, there are too many awesome, wonderful blog tours out there tempting me when I’d open my email page – I just couldn’t pass up too many of them… so basically, I didn’t.

Then, I was honored and surprised by getting to participate in the 2013 INSPY awards which is a program that was created to honor the best in inspirational Christian fiction by the bloggers who read, review and promote the best in Christian fiction. Of the five categories, I was in the “romance” genre and here were the five novels up for the award.   Continue reading “INSPYs 2013”


Lessons Learned from the Bookshelf

Re-posting from the “main” blog.  On the BookshelfWriting can be many things. For some, it’s therapeutic, to others it’s an unexplainable passion and some people communicate best by expressing feelings on a blank piece of paper that becomes their canvas. Blogging began for me as nothing more than a place to cultivate my scribbling’s and “spread my wings” in a sense, to see how well I could get along writing by standing on my own two feet.

In this past year and a half, all of the opportunities for bloggers who were avid readers opened an entirely new vista – one that is challenging but also has become a virtual place for friends to meet over coffee and enjoy some good old fashioned book talk. After getting “settled” into a routine of sorts, it wasn’t long before I was able to connect with some book bloggers and find many fabulous programs for bookworms. Not only has this opened that entirely new world, it is also an excellent teaching instrument – believe it or not. Reviewing has taught me much about my reading habits – ones that I needed to confront.  Continue reading “Lessons Learned from the Bookshelf”


Cover Love: Edition Four

Re-Posting this from the “main” blog, Dreaming Under the Same Moon
It’s time again for another edition of some “cover love,” readers! I have loved your enthusiasm for these fun posts and am thrilled to discover so many of you are book lovers. This edition features Christian fiction and some young adult fiction thrown in also. Enjoy – I look forward to your feedback. Continue reading “Cover Love: Edition Four”