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Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg

About the Book:Book - Here to Stay
Author: Melissa Tagg
Publisher: Bethany House
Source: Author, Publisher / Fiction Addict
Publication Date: 2014
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Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Series: Where Love Begins, Book 2
Rating: 5 out of 5

Coming back to a character we’ve already met as a secondary persona can be something of a risk if not placed in the most skillful hands. Not because readers don’t like catching up with those characters (we do!), but because sometimes your idea of them doesn’t match up with what their more subtle (even mysterious) presence as a sidekick character begins. Returning home to Whisper Shore Michigan wasn’t an easy choice for Blake Hunziker, who has lived a nomad’s life for years, but what he didn’t expect was a hero-like welcome upon his return – especially from his parents. When small town living gets in the way of forgetting, and Blake crosses paths with old friends who blame him for the tragedy they were left behind to heal from, Blake is also reunited with Autumn Kingsley the girl who dreams of travel. Autumn not only runs the only inn in competition with the Hunziker family’s upscale hotel, she is also the one girl his family wouldn’t approve of. So why then, are the two of them continuously drawn to each other? Continue reading “Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg”


Cover Candy: Edition Nine

Why I always have such a blast putting these posts together, I’ve not a clue! But, I do! While thinking about doing one, I thought to my self, “nope, not enough time has passed, I don’t have a good enough selection.” Huh, guess I was wrong! Below are some stunners and some I simply included because, well I am excited to read them. Everything from Sparks (because I kinda’ like his writing now!) to Christian fiction, there’s an eclectic blend below.

Before we get started, as always,  a disclaimer: just because I am sharing the cover of a novel does not mean I am endorsing an author or book.

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Cover Candy: Edition Eight

 Re-posting this from the “main” blog.

Morning, all you book-loving friends. So again, I have complied enough “new” book pretties to share yet another edition of “cover love.” Found some gorgeous ones and some that only rank “so-so.” Either way, there are some great, intriguing storylines. The greatest trend in Christian fiction that I’ve noticed is how “edgy” many of the upcoming releases sound.

You all may have seen most of these on the book “network” so many of us chat about – either on Twitter, Goodreads or our blogs, but if you spot some new ones, share what you think. Or share any other thoughts you may have.
I look forward to reading any impressions that you wish to leave.  Continue reading “Cover Candy: Edition Eight”

Cover Candy: Edition Seven

Re-posting this from the “main” blog.
Hello, there, book lovers! So… here is yet another edition of some gorgeous cover candy! Some of them are out-dated, meaning you all have seen them already, although I hope you find something new to add to that ever-growing TBR stack or just something to gush over! *wink*
Any one up for some more book talk? If so, leave some comments on which are favorites!

Cover Candy: Edition Six

Re-posting this from the “main” blog.


Hey, there, readers! Decided to put out another edition of “candy love.” Finally built up a decent amount of cool concepts, was inspired by Bethany House’s new fall 2013 line-up as well as being reminded by the lovely Rel how fun this was! So without further ado,
Let’s talk about books…