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Wrapped in Red by Meghan M. Gorecki – A Cozy Christmas Story with an Emphasis on Family

A B O U T THE B O O KWrapped in Red
Author: Meghan M. Gorecki
Publisher: Northern Belle (Indie Author)
Source: Author Provided, thank you, Meghan!
Publication Date: 2016
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Genre: Fiction; Novella, Contemporary Romance
Series: A Three Rivers Romance
Rating: ★★★★

REVIEW | Merry Grainger is at her wit’s end. It’s Christmas, but nothing is going according to “The Most Wonderful Time of Year” adage. The latest disaster finds her stranded along side the road. Her cute albeit smug rescuer isn’t helping anything.

As Merry starts the holiday season with her family, she discovers her mother has her eye on the latest eligible bachelor, and much to Merry’s dismay she knows him. Sam is the cute guy who rescued her. Only trouble is, she isn’t interested in being the center of a match-making scheme. If only Sam weren’t quite so appealing…

Anyone who’s looking for a quick, easy read to enjoy as we head into Christmas will discover just that inside the pages of this novella. A colorful first page sets the pace for what is, a cozy albeit simple tale. This combination made me smile big since, for me, it’s what the dream stories are made of. The delights of Wrapped in Red don’t end there. Especially for those of you who like family situations and characters that read as ordinary (or genuine).

Merry’s family plays an important (and lovably nosy) role in her life. In fact, as I was reading, I couldn’t help but deposit that so much of the author’s inspiration stems from personal experience. Beyond this, there is, of course, some charming romance and sweet shenanigans related to this relationship. Sam and Merry’s unexpected romance is charm itself. Their scenes together are too few in my opinion though what we are gifted is dripping in wit and sweetness.

With a deft pen and charming persona, Gorecki captures a snapshot of festive romance that’s like the best kind of Christmas tree. Bright, shiny and wrapped in its finest. Wrapped in Red personifies all of this no matter its short time to accomplish all of this.

Synopsis: A Steel City holiday romance sure to melt your heart.

The holidays haven’t been the easiest for Merry Grainger. Five years ago, she lost her grandfather and got dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas. Each season since sees her determined to avoid getting hurt again, and so she keeps a steel-like grip on her hopeless romantic heart.

Music used to soothe Sam Shepard’s soul until the death of his biggest cheerleader broke his heart, family, and dreams into pieces. Now he’s focused on thriving in the city, and with the people, he’s grown to love—all to keep the hole in his heart from opening anew with every passing holiday season.

Thrown together by a church play and meddlesome family armed with mistletoe, will Merry and Sam unwrap their guarded hearts to let in the true hope of Christmas—and each other? – Goodreads

Sincere thanks to the author for providing a complimentary copy of this book. 

Review text is © Rissi JC and first appeared on Finding Wonderland (Dreaming Under the Same Moon),


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