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Top Ten Favorite Friendships

Clearly, I have a problem.

A reading conundrum if you will. As I was preparing to happily put together a Top Ten Tuesday “all about friendships” – which I naturally assumed would be as fun as it could be complicated, because, let’s face it, relationships are complicated – I realized when searching my literal bookshelves and later my virtual ones that I hadn’t read many books in which the friendships were primary or so memorable that they immediately leapt to mind. (You guys really have to help me correct this. Pretty, please?) Instead of skipping out, I decided to expand my search parameters by eliminating the stipulation that the book had to be about friendship, and include film and television, and luckily, I came up with enough BFF’s to satisfy a list.


Ten Books About Friendship
Here are the friendships that have stuck with me, and in my perspective, lasted through “thick and thin.”
Emma and Liv from Bride Wars

Typical chick flick flair, this film didn’t sit well with many people, however, sad as it is, it is a good depiction of a typical bestie relationship – and unlike some, it wound up being stronger for the trouble it went through.

Lizzie and Charlotte from Pride & Prejudice

Yes, these two first appear in a book but since I’ve never read the book, I figured I put them under the film category – plus I’m quite fond of the Youtube sensation version of these two. You know who I mean.

Mia and Lily from The Princess Diaries

I’m pretty sure that from the moment we heard Lily blurt in response to Mia’s timid question, “…you look ridiculous. You should sue,” we knew she was the best best friend for the new Princess Mia.

The Girls of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Who doesn’t love these four girls? Between the four, they’re fun, sassy, shy and opinionated.


Cassidy and Allison from Dare to Love Again

Since many of my relationships with cousins are more than just seeing them at holidays – I grew up with cousins being my BFF’s, any cousin-friendship has a special place in my heart. These two were lots of fun together!

Issy and Lucy from My Foolish Heart

I loved this friendship. It wasn’t the focus of the book, however it felt like it could have played a larger role and been the best of the book. Issy’s fear is something Lucy takes in stride while still trying to be what Issy needs – which is challenging her to emerge from the fear that drives her life.

Veronica and McKenna from Doon

Out of everyone else on the book list, this is probably the book (story) that is most friendship driven. There’s an interesting dynamic to this friendship just because of their journey into a Brigedoon-esque world – both girls meet the perfect “guy,” but where one wants to stay behind, the other longs to return to the modern world, and she keeps that from everyone around her.

Cal and Gillian from Lie to Me
Up until its ill-time series cancellation, this show (mostly) stepped back from putting on romantic sparks between its two leads. I’m the girl who is the biggest fan of putting a leading male/lady together in a show, however my gripe is that once the writer’s do put couples together, we get a moment of happiness after waiting forever and then, something happens that ruins the romance, which effectively kills the solid, memorable, touching friendship that they spent years building.


Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner from The Good Wife

My mom and I watched this show up until a couple seasons ago and for me, one of the best things about it was this friendship. It was complicated and far from “perfect,” but the inspiration is that no matter how difficult things got, these two always found a way to work through everything. Googling this show would reveal that is gone because of a fatal change, but I’ve still got fond memories.

the Doctor and Amy Pond from Doctor Who

What more can be said about these two? They are and were awesome together. Bring them back.

Lavon and Zoe from Hart of Dixie

Zoe still has a lot to learn about being a real friend, but by taking advantage of Lavon (let’s face it, she’s done that one too many times – but then there was the one time when he showed up at an inconvenient time with a bag of donuts and Zoe helped him “eat” his feelings), Zoe has matured from Lavon’s friendship and has even learned that putting other people’s feelings before your own isn’t such a bad thing.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from Sherlock

There are so many inturpretations of these characters – RDJ and Jude Law, Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, but seriously, anyone who has seen series three has to agree, the BBC’s contemporary re-telling does it up right.

Veronica and Wallace from Veronica Mars
Loved these two in the show. Love these two in the movie. Basically, yep, I love these two.
So… my question to you all today, what are some lighthearted, girly novels I need to read that are all about friendships? Young adult, contemporary fiction, I’m all ears! Let me know which I should look out for first.
 Toss the recommendations my way.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Friendships”

    1. What a true statement! It’s usually the romance that gets the most page time, which is okay with me (I’m the first to admit, I love the romance) but sometimes, it’s nice to discover a good friendship. 🙂

    1. That’s good to know, Caitlin. Someday I may read the “Princess Diaries” books. The films are some of my very favorites and knowing that Mia will be back in new Meg Cabot books has re-inspired my love of the films. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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