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Top Ten Books in a Favorite Genre

c9c25-tttmemelogoMorning, friends! Today, it’s Tuesday which brings us up to another edition of… Top Ten Tuesday.

The Broke and the Bookish Topic is:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in X Genre (you pick the genre!)

So, this week was interesting to put together. I was originally going to do suspense and am beginning to realize that because I have so many books yet to read (believe me, my bookshelves can attest to this), those I have read are enjoying lots of blog time because I keep repeating them (yes, my TTT memes are starting to get boring for you all) and so I settled on young adult because that gets the least conversation around here… well, after putting together nine picks, I realized a couple didn’t fit and though I have a ton yet to read in the genre, how on earth do I know if they are favorites?! Anyway… all of that to say that with five in the young adult genre, I added the last five as favorite suspense.

Here are those picks:

TTT Meme3 (March 11th)-001

What about you friends?

What books in any one (or two!) genres rank in a top ten listing?

Share any thoughts you have below.


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