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Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Will Make You Cry

If there is one thing I do know about my reading habits without doubt it’s that I’m not a very external reader. Or in other words, my reactions to books are more internal at the time I’m reading them. Sure, I’ll giggle or smile over some sassy retort but crying… yeah, that’s not me. Nonetheless this doesn’t me that an emotional story doesn’t impact me, it’s just an external reaction rather than a visible one. The Top Ten Tuesday topic this week was something of a challenge because of my personality however here are some of the books I can say, without doubt touched me.

The Broke and the Bookish ladies topic this week is:
Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry
Books on the list:
1.) 911 Series by Karen Kingsbury: despite it’s incredibility emotional subject, this series is beautiful. I enjoyed the unique concepts and the characters.
2.) Daughters of Fortune Series (Heiress, book one or on Goodreads) by Susan May Warren
3.) Bleeding Heart (on Goodreads) by Amber Stokes: Amber’s debut novel was a smashing success in the blogosphere and anyone who reads it will understand why. She not only wrote an emotional saga, she also managed to surprise readers by a late plot twist. Bravo!
4.) It Had to Be You (on Goodreads) by Susan May Warren: if you haven’t read this novel yet… don’t wait! It’s just perfect.
5.) The Merciful Scar (on Goodreads) by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue: I cannot claim this book as a “favorite” but there’s no arguing it dealt with a traumatic subject that some readers will be able to relate too, and in most respects, it’s handled with grace.
6.) Right Where I Belong (on Goodreads) by Krista McGee: This was my introduction to Krista’s novels and I was SO impressed with how she handled the world of YA that this book is one of those that is not likely to leave my bookshelf. Ever.
7.) Sophie’s Heart by Lori Wick: this is one of those novels I read in the 90’s and sadly, haven’t revisited but if my memory serves me correctly, I remember loving the story.
8.) Tender Vow by Sharlene MacLauren: not all readers will like the subject of this novel (a brother-in-law falling for his deceased brother’s wife) however I thought it was one of the most beautiful contemporary romances I’ve yet to read. Plus I’m quite a fan of MacLauren’s.
What about you, dear readers. Which novels have you needed a Kleenex box handy for..?

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