Have Yourself a Merry Christmas!

Sending out Christmas cards is one of the old-fashioned, time-honored traditions I still observe. Due to time limitations and other reasons, those of you who I’ve come to know cannot all be on my list – though it’s not for wish that it were possible, so I’m doing the next best thing; sending you a blog greeting version of a Christmas card.
Thanks for being a part of this book blog’s readership and for the comments. Appreciate it all and look forward to more fun book talk in the coming year.
I wish you all a joyous Christmas Day, readers  – with lots of family, good cheer and food, and love – and hope you are blessed in this coming year.
Merry Christmas!
– Rissi
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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Santa Would Bring

My, how quickly this month has flown by! There’s barely been enough time to catch our breath and now, here we are, Christmas Eve. Aside from that, it is Tuesday which means (yay!) another Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s is (appropriately) all about Christmas. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Santa Would Bring”


These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

About the Book: Book - These Broken Stars
Author(s): Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication Date: December 2013
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Series: Starbound – Book 1
Genre: Fiction; Young Adult/Teen, Sci-Fi/Dystopian
Rating: 4 out of 5

Review: The actions of Major Tarver Merendsen have suddenly thrust him into instant name recognition and a place among the elite… and yet, he isn’t one of them. He may have the looks that girls giggle over but to them he’s still the man to treat as a subservient who is only brushing shoulders with them because of his heroics and rise to military ranking fame. On the night the Icarus is holding a glamorous party, Tarver meets the alluring Lilac, a chance encounter in which both seem to share a brief moment of happiness, until he discovers who she is – the daughter of the wealthy LaRoux, the one man who’s riches far surpass anyone on the Icarus. This changes everything. No longer is a man of Tarver’s status even meant to speak with Lilac let alone request the pleasure of her company on an impromptu date. Then fate intervenes and Tarver rescues Lilac when the Icarus self-destructs after entering into air space it shouldn’t. When they land on a planet unknown, they soon realize they’re the sole survivors and must figure out a way to return to their home… Continue reading “These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner”