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Memorable Fictional Couples, Part 2

Beckett and Madison2You may remember back in April, a post showed up chronicling favorite fictional couples inspired by one of the (many) crazy “book conversations” we girls have had in the book community. Putting it together, it was surprising how easy it was to separate the truly “good” couples from the ordinary. After much discussion (which I thank you all for providing!), it seemed like a good idea to write a “part two” of this meme – after all some had to be left out for specific reasons and others I’d not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

Without further ado, here are some of those favorite pairings – whether it be their sizzling chemistry or more simply how they interacted on the page, the list is below the cut!

Alexander Banebridge and Lydia Pallas from Against the Tide 

The elements revolving around both Lydia and Bane as a couple, it surprised me how little the romance factored in – Lydia falls hard for Bane but an unusual amount of time separates them and the love story isn’t the easiest to “buy” given that timeframe; that being said, I never doubted her love for him, and likewise (despite his claims), his for her.

Beckett and MadisonBeckett O’Reilly and Madison McKinley from Barefoot Summer

Here we are introduced to a broken, mourning Madison McKinley and the boy who has loved her since high school, Beckett O’Reilly. In their story, there is poignancy between the two of them; Beckett is tender, loving and not at all the “bad boy” he is made out to be. Madison is hurting in deep, dark places and only through Beckett’s steadfast support (he won’t let her go even when her actions push him away) and God’s healing hand does she come to realize that.

Bo Porter and Meg Cole from Undeniably Yours

If Bo is one of the more memorable leading men, then Meg was adorable. I enjoyed her character very much and was repeatedly impressed by how sincere Meg was. She was the epitome of a character whom we could relate too, and was both “flawed” [yet] likable. Pleasant to both the most romantic heart and those who like “cute” exchanges of affection, Becky’s unique furthering of the starry-eyed romantics or passionate tension isn’t vibrant in an impression of sparks flying between them – it’s very subtle. In fact, the first meeting of Meg and Bo is very businesslike, no flirting or funny “first meeting” incidents and instead of conversations in which we can rely on the character’s sparring, this relationship is built off of solid friendship (big fan of this!) and summary portions that regale picnics or evenings spent talking lying in front of the fireplace.

Caleb Knight and Isadora Presley from My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren

Colton Brady and Jillian Carter from When a Secret Kills

Wrapping up sweetly is an ending that puts a small piece of fairy-tale charm [between Colton and Jillian] into an otherwise suspenseful John and Bethplotted novel and leaves a smile…

Drake Rutledge and Faith Butler from Speak to me of Love by Robin Lee Hatcher

Jay Tanner and Kate Merritt from Small Town Girl

Jim Micah and Lacey Montgomery from Flee the Night by Susan May Warren

John Brady and Beth O’Conner from A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman

Matt and Kate from My StubbornHeart

The characters; I just loved Wade’s leading couple. By definition, they are “ordinary,” and by that, I mean they are “real.” Both are likable but flawed human beings who we could easily imagine being friends with. Matt’s broken past might remind readers of a favorite literary man. His good looks and brooding manners aren’t all that make us fall in love with him (but it isn’t a hindrance, either *wink*), his protectiveness and eventual redemption are what makes him an admirable, good man. Kate likewise isn’t hard to like. She is quirky but loveable – and is a woman we long to see take her happy ending.

Morgan Spencer and Quinn Reilly from The Breath of Dawn 

I am a sucker for love stories that truly cherish love, growing in the sanctity of marriage. Few authors give that satisfaction since most books end long before the “I Do’s” are vowed which displays a “prettier” frame of love. That’s not to say that the first blush of love isn’t equally compelling and endearing in its getting-to-know stages, rather when fiction imitates life, there is a respect for a story that looks beyond the surface of being “adequate.” Both Morgan and Quinn are fragile after being knocked around by life. One never fully mourned the loss of a person he partnered with more out of a shared past than hope for a new future, the other is running from a cult background that should have controlled the idea they had of God.

Nate and SusannaNate Kenneth and Susanna Truitt from Once Upon a Prince

Susanna was the girl-next-door and special despite her misguided calculations about Adam – I couldn’t be too hard on her. It was an honest mistake and she wasn’t the only one in that relationship at fault. Then, in waltzes the dashing Nate. OH. MY. GOSH. I love this hero. He was noble, exceptional and not at all the kind of chap one may envision when concocting an image of royalty.

Nate doesn’t necessarily sweep us or Susanna off her feet by whisking her away and by proxy make the reader swoon, rather it’s his character – how he comports himself (how he respects Susanna) and oh, that accent! I am telling you, girls, his accent practically rolls off the page and fills us with a sense of authenticity, as if we can literally hear him speak. Whether it’s his affectionate terms of endearment for Susanna (he calls her “love,” peeps!) – proof that the physical struggle in relationships isn’t everything – or confronting his mother over tea, I adored him and the way he handled himself; he makes British “stuffy” very appealing.

Will Masterson and Dannette Lundeen from Escape to Morning by Susan May Warren

Told ya’ there were likely more who earned a place in my heart as favorite couples.
Each of these couples are special.
What couples have been making you believe in love these days…

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