July Fourth

is for apple pie

because there is nothing more American than a slice of this old-fashioned classic

is for the military

because time and again I am humbled and grateful for their sacrifice – thank you to all of the proud members of the U.S. military who keep our home safe.

is for entertainment and fun

because what is a celebration without family, good food and fireworks!?

is for red

because, while the red, white and blue may be tattered and torn still, they fly proudly and symbolize patriotism

is for independence

because the Founding Fathers penned a declaration that gave that to us

is for country

because Americans can still be proud of the principles that we were founded on

is for anthem

because the national anthem still has the ability to send shivers of pride through me

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

– George Washington

Wishing you all a terrific Independence Day!

Whether you’re enjoying a picnic under the coolness of a shade tree, spending the day with family perhaps swimming, watching the night sky light up in a spectacular show of glittering trails or taking in a movie, I hope you enjoy each new memory you make.

…thanks to everyone who has protected America’s freedom.
You are our heroes.

Happy Independence Day, dear readers!
Share what you have planned for this July 4th 2013.


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