Sincere Thanks


Dear Readers and Followers,

Today I wanted to stop by with my thanks for all of your comments, “likes” and my sincere thanks to everyone who has followed On the Bookshelf since it began. I appreciate it.

Since this isn’t my “main” blog, I know that it can get lost in the shuffle and sometimes I neglect it. This is not my intentions however there is this thing called life that seems to get in the way. I’ve been working on importing my Blogger (main) blog into WordPress form and straightening out any kinks in that as well as re-linking everything and formatting it to WordPress standards (if any practiced WP users have any tips, I am open to suggestion!). Right now I plan to stay with Blogger but am displeased about the changes coming to their platform, so I am contemplating opening Dreaming Under the Same Moon on WordPress as well. I have been reading like C-R-A-Z-Y these past couple of months, which means… lots of new book reviews are coming! In fact I will be getting two of them ready to go up in the next week. Most of the books I am really excited about and enjoyed tremendously (translation: there will be gushing!) so I am looking forward to adding to the archives around here. Until then, there will be another “Cover Candy” post in the line-up along with some great news on which books won awards in the Christian fiction world, and feel free to browse the archives here or on Dreaming Under the Same Moon. Both should be current. (Don’t quote me on that!)

If you are new around here, feel free to introduce yourself or to look around as I am constantly trying to add new titles to the archives and am going to be reviewing books beyond that of just Christian fiction. There should be some YA novels added over the next couple of months.

Thank you for following On the Bookshelf and for taking the time to read these reviews.



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