Book: The Director’s Cut

About the Book:
Author: Janice Thompson
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: 2012
Series: “Backstage Pass” (book 3 of 3)
Genre: Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Tagline: The one thing she cannot direct is her heart

The Story (from the publisher): Tia Morales is used to calling the shots. She’s the director of the popular sitcom Stars Collide, and her life on set is calculated and orderly. Well, most of the time. But her life outside the studio is another matter. If only she could get her family to behave as well as her stars do! When she starts butting heads with handsome camera operator Jason Harris, it’s enough to send a girl over the edge. Will she ever learn to let go and take life–and love–as it comes?

My Thoughts: Tia’s story rounds out what has been a “fun” series. Set in the glamorous and glittering, fast-paced world of Hollywood, the books take a unique approach in each storyline – all three angles of filmmaking, acting and writing, are covered. Book one looks at show business from the perspective of actors, followed by the screenplay writer viewpoint, and then directing. Of the three, I think hers was the story I was (subconsciously) most anticipating. Even from the first, meeting Tia and before I knew who the final book was about, I hoped Tia would get a chance to have her story told and indeed Thompson did not disappoint. (Plus it didn’t hamper my enthusiasm that I also hoped a certain cameraman who was a source of irritation to Tia would be leading man potential. *wink*) I loved this little book despite the fact that it was the least wholesome of them all.

If there is a downfall in the writing, that would be it. Tia’s family is a large one but she seems to be the only one who perhaps has some morals. Conservative readers may not be able to get behind any of Tia’s siblings considering one is a flirt who is willing to fall into bed with anyone good-looking while another is apparently a drunk though he is married with children in addition to her father being a repeat unfaithful husband. It is these issues that make reading the story less enjoyable and relaxing than it could have been. Reading Christian fiction should meet (and surpass) certain criteria and in my humble opinion, one of them being that I shouldn’t have to wonder at what is around the next corner – whether or not the character will make a choice that will ruin the trust (figuratively speaking) we have placed in them, in turn making us doubt everything about their relationship with Christ.

So much about The Director’s Cut is perfectly adorable. I loved meeting DJ’s sister (from “Weddings by Bella”) who is not only a wonderful young lady with a heart of gold but also a fantastic character with an infectious personality that makes it impossible to dislike her. Her presence just makes you smile as a reader and though she may be a supporting character (hopefully, we will get to know her better someday) in the lives of Tia and Jason, she is unforgettable. As is Brock – the Hollywood heartthrob who tried to steal away Bella from DJ; having brought him into the Stars Collide family, you can guess what his presence means. Then there is Jason and Tia. Gosh! But I loved these two together. Their relationship was the kind of one that I’d have liked to be two-sided as opposed to being limited to Tia’s thoughts and emotions. Still, my picture of this couple is a good one and I was probably left with a goofy grin reading the last pages of this little delight. Like its counterparts, I do think the metaphors of life vs. Hollywood got old but for this particular book, I didn’t let that dampen my enthusiasm for the story. Great writing plus endearing characters equals a darn good time.

In Summary: A great series closer! If a series has to come to an end, this is how it is done. This one makes the ‘cut.’

Available June 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

*Many thanks to the publisher providing this copy for reviewing purposes 


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